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The Zen Garden

The Zen Garden

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our enchanting garden featuring air plants and red stilbite, presented in a stunning hand-blown glass bowl. This unique creation is designed to bring peace and harmony, making it a perfect holiday gift or a year-round expression of thoughtfulness.

Red stilbite, a naturally occurring mineral, is believed to resonate with the vibration of Universal Love. Its presence is thought to open the heart, alleviate fear and loss, and instill a sense of calm and inner peace. Placing it by the bedside may bring a soothing influence and aid those struggling with insomnia.

Please note that each terrarium is handmade to order, ensuring a one-of-a-kind creation. The shape and size of the air plants and minerals may vary slightly, adding to the uniqueness of each piece. Take advantage of our same-day flower delivery service to share this harmonious and thoughtful gift promptly.

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